Gara Del Gato

It means “Cat’s Claw” in Spanish.  I looked and found NO other song, book or movie with this title, so I managed to keep my promise.  This one’s all instrumental and I suppose could be described as “surf-blues”.  In the near future I plan on making some improvements on the older songs, learned a few things while making this one.

Another song! Also: Dethklok and titles

There is a new song!  ”Dying to Survive”is probably more representative of what I do than “Symmetry”, love playing the Strat.  Listen on the Listen page, download on the Download page, yo.

Okay, so Dethklok had a song called “Symmetry” also, huh?  Didn’t know that, as I’m sure anyone thinking it was a cover might be, um, surprised.  Certainly don’t mean to mislead anyone, especially fans of music that’s slightly different than mine.

The subject of titles is tricky, lots of artists have made albums or songs with the same titles before, and it seems to be completely Kosher.  I mean you can’t copywrite a title, but I wonder where you might draw the line in the case of VERY distinctive titles.  If I released an album called “I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One”, I certainly wouldn’t be in legal trouble, but I’d imagine I’d face some sort of repercussion.

I mention this as “Dying to Survive” is also the name of a book by Rachael Keogh.  I found this out only by searching the title; I’ve never read the book and the song has nothing to do with it as far as subject matter goes.  Checking some other titles I have kicking around shows that the Arcade Fire have a song called “Cold Wind” also (a pretty good one at that).  I’ll get to that one eventually, but the next track to appear on this site will have a unique name come hell or high water.

Symmetry – First Track

New song up on the Listen/Download page!  First one for the site.  I’m not sure that this pop direction is really representative of my music, but I like it.  Yeah, I’m sure a professional studio could make this sound better, but I don’t think it’s too bad – give a listen, more is coming.  Now to find some photo to replace the stock WP one…..

So I’ve been meaning to start this for a while…..

This is where all this music I’ve been working on, thinking about, and wanting to create is going to go.  It’s not so much an attempt to make any kind of commercial inroads as it is a way for me to just get it out there.  It really matters very little if I make money from this (it’d be nice) but just to let people hear it, share it, and, hopefully, to remember it.

This is something I’ve been working up to for a long time, and want to just get started. I plan to have a couple songs ready to go before Christmas and hope that this will force me to get off my ass and do it.  So if anyone reads this – yeah, sorry nothing to hear just yet.  Soon though – I promise.